This afternoon,
I entered the henhouse.
There, in a place covered with grass,
a bird was shivering with fear.
Other birds flocked together in a corner,
as they were delighted at something.
Only a red one was trying to sleep
with his eyes closed.

I decided to build a farm.
A peacock was first to come.
I wanted to set up a farm
for chickens but I had no courage to drive out the peacock.
I couldn’t get over the fear of his beautiful feathers.
I took a pinwheel
that was spinning meaninglessly on a grave and used it as a milestone
for my chickens to find a way.
I thought of feeding them,
but nothing was there,
except the sky and a field covered with moss.

A hen laid an egg.
I was not sure if it was an egg or excrement.
But she was still lovely.
I let her warm herself
in the sunlight.

Today, two cocks started fighting.
The cock with a red comb dominated the cock
with the black flock at once.

I remembered the chicken
I wanted to bring,
so I entered the henhouse
for the third time.
Wherever he was hiding,
I couldn’t see him.
I looked in every nook and corner, but not a single feather was found.
I gave up searching for him,
and instead I brought
another one with an exceptionally long tail.

In the farm, which
I thought was perfect,
something unexpected has happened.
Suddenly, chicks started appearing
and caused disorder in the clean, orderly environment.
The fear of yellow falls here again.

At last, the day
I have waited for came. Tired by waiting
for the eggs to hatch,
I held them in my hands and walked away.
And while walking,
I encountered the goose next door.

I have waited 21 days after putting eggs in lukewarm water.
I didn’t realize myself what sort of changes I was expecting, but it wasn’t
so hard to wait.
As usual, the pinwheel
at the farm is tired
of spinning and changes its direction again.

I have decided to broadcast live
the mating of a hen and cock tomorrow.
As expected, the first one to come
was an aged crane, known to be indifferent to others.
The third was a couple of geese from next door.

#10 Thoughts on Chickens
The farm is successfully completed, at last.
The broad sky and
vast green plain
are still the same today.