real critique
2003, single-channel video, 47 min 17 sec

 Video stills


Brief Synopsis:
Although documentaries are based on reality, their limits of objectivity have been often discussed. "real critique," was created with such contradictions combined with the popular theme of "real" from reality shows on TV. It is about an art student in a critique with her colleagues dealing with the various emotions in the situation, such as stress, uneasiness, contradiction, and stubbornness. During the critique, she challenges the notion of sophistication in art work while the other participants are discussing the piece with their own logical approaches.


Reality에 바탕을 둔 다큐멘터리가 갖는 객관성의 한계와 각종 리얼리티 TV 쇼 덕분에 유행어처럼 따라 붙는 ‘real' 이란 단어가 내포하는 허구성의 의미들을 접목시켜 제작한 작업이다. 한 학생이 작품을 가지고 크리틱을 받는 과정에서 일어나는 모순과 스트레스, 크리틱 받는 입장에서의 불안감, 불쾌감, 고집스러움과 같은 다양한 감정의 교차를 다룬다.

Exhibition view, multiple personality disorder, Gallery JungMiSo, Seoul, 2004


Exhibition History 전시 이력:
Solo Exhibition, multiple personality disorder, Gallery JungMiSo, Seoul, 2004

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