Doubtful Nest
2015, solo exhibition

The Solo Exhibition, Doubtful Nest, was held at Boan Art Space, a former motel built in 1936, near the presidential house in Seoul.

Venue: Boan Art Space
Exhibition Period: September, 30 - October 13, 2015
Curated by Sunghui Lee
Shipping & Installation: Jun Art
Techinical Support: Multi Tech

Essays: Soyung Lee, Sunghui Lee
English Translation of Sunghui Lee's Essay: Yoonhee Jung
English Proofreading: Joel McKee
Design & Editing: Soyung Lee
Printing: Gohoon Printing

THANKS TO: Chul Kim, Yongsuk Park, Sohee Jeong

Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture, Arts Council Korea

장소: 보안여관
전시기간: 2015. 9. 30 - 10. 13
기획: 이성휘
운송, 설치: 준아트
기술 지원: 멀티텍

글: 이소영, 이성휘
번역: 정윤희
번역감수: 조엘 맥키
디자인, 편집: 이소영
인쇄: 고훈인쇄

도움주신 분들: 김철, 박용석, 정소희
후원: 서울특별시, 서울문화재단, 한국문화예술위원회

Exhibition Views of Doubtful Nest
Photos by Sangbae Kim

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Artist Statement | Soyung Lee
전시 스테이트먼트 | 이소영
Everything is Moving | Sunghui Lee
모든 것이 움직인다 | 이성휘

• 월간미술 Monthly Art Magazine 2015년 11월호 p.165: 구나연
• 퍼블릭 아트 Public Art 2015년 11월호 p.129: 여기와 거기, 사이의 공간 | 안소연

Exhibited works:
Drawings, Untitled, 2009-2015
Gummybears' Picnic / Another Day, 2012/2015
After You (ceramic series) 늦은 오후 (도자), 2012-2014
The Second Nest 제2의 보금자리, 2012/2015
Your Territory 너의 영역, 2014/2015
Untitled (ceramic sculpture), 2014
There, Then, That Day 거기, 그때, 그 오늘, 2015
Fortress 요새, 2015
A Nation of the Hairless, 2015
Untitled (site-specific installation), 2015