The Questions and Answers for the Shamans


1. How is the energy of Anyang 5-dong? (e.g. in terms of Yin and Yang)

2. What is the reason that there are so many shamans and Manshin houses in 5-dong?

3. What do you think about the redevelopment of 5-dong? How do your shaman gods feel about it?

4. Is there anything noticeable in the geological factors of 5-dong? Do Manshins feel any harmful energy in 5-dong? If so, what is it?

5. If 5-dong changes in the future, what are the changes you can foretell?

6. (To newly arrived residents in the town) Why did you move to Anyang 5-dong?
    (To long term residents in the town) What are the reasons you have stayed in 5-dong for a long time to serve your shaman spirits here?

7. I heard that 5-dong hasn’t changed very much in the last 20 years. Are there a lot of ghosts and spirits in this old town? If so, where are they staying together?

8. After the redevelopment of the town, where do you expect these spirits to go? Do you think they will stay in the town?

9. What kind of customers come to you?


- Yang energy is strong in 5-dong.
- It’s difficult to divide the energy into Yin and Yang.

- Yang energy is so strong that some Manshins have left.
- The good flow of energy has come down through the range of Mt. Soori.
- The site has powerful energy.
- They started gathering together 10 years ago. I don’t know the reason, but it’s like how similar businesses such as clothing shops or restaurants gather together.
- It hasn’t been redeveloped yet, so the rent is cheaper, and it’s easier for shamans to move in.
- It’s not about the monthly rent or the lease. Rather it’s because some people are not comfortable with Manshin houses so we eventually find areas where the community is already established.
- The energy of 5-dong was famous for drawing a lot of Manshin houses since the old days, so the energy of the town is largely influential.

- I don’t see it as a good thing; in the redevelopment process, some parts of the mountain can be destroyed, affecting the whole town’s energy and weakening the flow of energy from Mt. Soori.
- The realization of a redevelopment plan is good for improvement of the town.
- It will take about 3 or 4 years.
- The redevelopment will not happen in the next 5 years.
- I expect it to happen in approximately 7 years.
- It is not permitted for the next 5 to 10 years, and it’s the fact everyone knows that you don’t even need the prophecy.

- The town of 5-dong is slower in development than Bisan-dong or Pyungchon but the energy of Mt. Soori flows in, so it’s full of yang energy.
- Anyang 5-dong is situated in Haangari-gol where the soil is good and the neighbors are generous, making it a great place to live. I don’t feel any harmful energy.
- The iron flagpole for the national flag on the rock of Gwanmobong on Mt. Soori can be described as putting a stick through the womb of the old shaman deity, and because of this, there can be many single old women.

- The town hasn’t changed for the last 20 years, but in the future, the small alleys will become wider streets, and things will change.
- A fast change is hardly expected.
- I don’t hear any of the gods’ prophecies that bad things will happen in the near future. At least no harmful things will happen.

(new residents)
- There was a prophetic dream.
- Ten years ago, I started getting my fortune read and received the call of shaman spirits. I came to 5-dong because I wanted to start where many shaman houses are gathered together.
- I came to start another business, but instead, I became a shaman and started living here.
(long-term residents)
- Many years ago, I followed the gods’ calling and came to this town, and my feet stopped here. Coincidentally, there was a room for rent.
- I’ve been living here because it is a good and comfortable town for middle class people who don’t have big fortunes.
- The spirits wanted to stay here.
- I like the prayer sites in Mt. Soori and Mt. Gwanak.

- They are everywhere.
- Many veterans’ spirits who died for the country are gathered in Choonghon Tower.
- Most spirits are at the foot of the mountain and the sites of ceremonial rituals.
- Since many cemeteries are disappearing now, the spirits have no home to return to. Hence, wandering spirits are increasing in number. They will soon sink into even small patches of grass on the streets, and you’ll see them shaking. In the future, everyone will be able to read his own fortune in this case.

- Even after redevelopment, the spirits will stay at the same sites.
- If they have a relationship with the family, they will follow them. Otherwise, the spirits stay at the same places with the memories of their lifetime regardless of the changes in buildings.

- The neighbors recommend us to each another and usually visit by word of mouth.
- Most of the customers come regularly from out of town and make prior appointments.
- A lot of people come from Seoul, Suwon, and Incheon.
- There are not many customers who randomly come in when passing on the street.

*Rather than focusing on the ritualistic aspects of shamanistic ceremonies, I approached shamans as the residents of Anyang 5-dong and made my primary focus the future of the town and shamans’ daily lives.