Fortress  요새
2015, HD video, 28 min 20 sec

Video stills

The work was filmed with five characters — three Korean actors and the two Bangladesh actors who were migrant workers in Korea — at Boan Art Space, a former motel built in 1936 near the presidential house in Seoul. This old building is a fortress where they train themselves to be ready for unknown dangers, have a conversation about their dream homes and where they would like to die, and have meetings to discuss their whereabouts whether to leave or to stay.

작품의 촬영장소인 보안여관은 1936년에 지어진 이후 여러 시인들이 머물었던 장소이다. 3명의 한국 배우와 이주민 노동자였던 2명의 방글라데시
배우들로 구성된 5명의 멤버들에게 이 장소는 요새이자 보호처로 이들은 이곳에서 살고 싶은 장소, 죽음의 장소, 어디로 떠날지 혹은 머물어야
하는지에 대해 토론하고 밖의 위험에 맞서 훈련한다.


로빈 쉬엑 Robin Shiek
양동탁 Dongtak Yang
이경민 Kyungmin Lee
임근아 Geunah Lim
섹 알 마문 Shekh Almamun
이성용 Seongyong Lee
Music & Sound:
백기은 Kieun Beck
임상빈 Sangbin Im
Boom Operator:
변용민 Yongmin Byeon
Ending Song “Let us go”:
Written by 이소영 Soyung Lee, 조성배 Matthew
Arranged by 조성배 MATTHEW
Performed by 가나 Sergelen Gantogoo

Exhibition view, Doubtful Nest, Boan Art Space, Seoul, 2015

Exhibition history:
Solo Exhibition, Doubtful Nest, Boan Art Space, Seoul, 2015
Solo Exhibition, Displaced, Videotage, Hong Kong, 2016

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